Flexible Usage Based, Dynamic Cloud-Ready

Our consumption-based pricing model is driven by your data ingest rate. You control what metrics to send and how frequent – pay only for what you need. You get fully transparent, predictable pricing that discounts with higher volumes, plus burst assurance for when you need it.

$1.50 per datapoint per second monthly, approximating to $15* per host monthly (billed annually)

  • Ideal for dynamic cloud apps using microservices, container services
  • No incremental pricing for number of containers deployed
  • Includes standard and custom metrics – no pricing difference Includes enterprise-class support: onboarding, full customer support
  • Includes full analytics capability & query language for advanced monitoring
  • Discounts available for higher volume and/or multi-year commitments

*Pricing starts at $1.50 per datapoint per second (pps) monthly. The $15/host/month estimate assumes that each host generates 100 datapoints per 10 seconds on average per month. Based on the Wavefront Telegraf agent, which provides comprehensive infrastructure metrics at up to 1 second resolution, with extra capacity for application and custom metrics. Your actual price may be lower based on quantity and frequency of metrics, and applicable volume discounts.


Pricing FAQ

Q: How does the Wavefront pricing model work?

A: We have a simple and flexible pay-as-you-go model. Our usage-based price is based on the rate at which you send metric data to Wavefront during the course of each month. This gives you the flexibility to start with any size application you want and scale up/down as needed.

Q: Do you charge more for customer support?

A: No! Unlike some other monitoring products, enterprise-class support is included in the price. We pride ourselves on making every customer successful, whatever it takes.

Q: Do you charge for storing metrics data?

A: No, you do not pay any storage costs for your data.

Q: What if I have an unexpected peak or burst of data in a month?

A: We understand that you may occasionally have peaks and bursts of data that are not typical – and we do not want to unfairly charge you for those. We measure the rate that is used for pricing as the 95th percentile of the 1 hour averages of data rates for the month. This provides you with a no-cost buffer for occasional peaks and bursts.

Q: How do I budget for how much Wavefront will cost?

A: Talk to us! We have a lot of experience with different customers and applications and can help you estimate your costs. To give you an idea, a typical host configuration that is sending 100 metrics every 10 seconds would cost $15 per host per month.

Q: Does the price vary for different types of metric data?

A: No. Our pricing model is very simple and we do not differentiate on the types of metrics data you send us. Standard metrics and custom metrics are the same price. We have many customers who send us a combination of typical system metrics, application metrics (standard and custom) and even custom business metrics.

Q: Can I manage how many metrics are sent from the agent on a host to Wavefront?

A: Yes, you have complete control over how much data is sent to Wavefront and what that data is.

Q: Do you charge for data collection agents?

A: No. Our pricing model is only based on the metrics data – we don’t care where that data comes from. You can have as many or as few data collection agents (and integrations) as you like.

Ingest and Visualize All Your Telemetry Quickly with our Massive Integrations Library
Ingest and Visualize All Your Telemetry Quickly with our Massive Integrations Library

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