Tanzu Mission Control Supports Lifecycle Management of Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters on VMware Cloud on AWS

May 13, 2021 Ning Ge

We are very excited to announce a key integration between VMware Tanzu and VMware Cloud on AWS that provides a significantly enhanced experience for our customers who want to deploy, run, and manage Kubernetes in VMware Cloud on AWS. With this integration, VMware Tanzu Mission Control now supports full lifecycle management—provisioning, upgrading, scaling, and deleting—of Tanzu Kubernetes clusters deployed on VMware Cloud on AWS. 

This important feature adds to the existing capabilities that Tanzu Mission Control offers to manage any conformant Kubernetes clusters running in this environment. It also greatly streamlines the operation and management of Kubernetes for customers who would like to leverage Tanzu Standard edition—one of three Tanzu editions introduced last year—to accelerate their app modernization on top of VMware Cloud on AWS.

VMware Tanzu 

VMware Tanzu is VMware’s modern apps portfolio, which includes products and services for modernizing applications and infrastructure to deliver better software to production faster. Tanzu’s capabilities can be found in three Tanzu editions, including Tanzu Standard edition, which helps customers simplify the deployment and operations of Kubernetes for multi-cloud environments.

Tanzu Standard offers a full enterprise-grade Kubernetes runtime, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, that can be deployed across multiple environments—including on-premises on vSphere and VMware Cloud Foundation, on public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, as well as on hybrid clouds like VMware Cloud on AWS. It also comes with a global control plane, powered by Tanzu Mission Control, for consistent and efficient management of multiple Kubernetes clusters across teams and clouds.

VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS brings VMware's enterprise-class Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) to the AWS Cloud and enables customers to run production applications across vSphere-based private, public, and hybrid cloud environments, with optimized access to AWS services. It delivers a seamless hybrid cloud by extending the on-premises vSphere environment to the AWS Cloud. 

With VMware Cloud on AWS, customers can run, monitor, and manage both containers and virtual machines on the same platform using the same tools, which gives them flexibility and simplifies their infrastructure operations. They can start their modernization journey with minimal disruption to their business, rapidly migrate their applications to the cloud without downtime, and—once in the cloud—start transforming those applications by leveraging modern frameworks such as Kubernetes.

Simplify Kubernetes adoption and management on VMware Cloud on AWS with Tanzu 

Using Tanzu Standard add-on, customers can easily deploy and operate a consistent, enterprise-grade Kubernetes runtime—Tanzu Kubernetes Grid—on VMware Cloud on AWS. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid is designed and built by leveraging the leading open source technologies of the Kubernetes ecosystem. It has upstream Kubernetes in the core, for example, and uses Cluster API for cluster lifecycle management, Harbor for container registry, Prometheus and Grafana for platform monitoring, Fluent Bit for logging, and Contour for ingress. These technologies are packaged and integrated into an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-operate, VMware-supported, full Kubernetes runtime platform for running the enterprise’s most mission-critical workloads. 

To enhance the operational efficiency and governance of Kubernetes clusters, Tanzu Standard also provides a global control plane powered by Tanzu Mission Control for managing multiple Kubernetes clusters at scale. Key capabilities of this global control plane include:

  • Centralized lifecycle management (i.e., provisioning, upgrading, scaling, and deleting) of Tanzu Kubernetes clusters 

  • Attachment of any conformant Kubernetes clusters for consistent management 

  • Global visibility of Kubernetes clusters and workloads across environments for quick issue identification and troubleshooting

  • Access and security management through the application of consistent policies to fleets of clusters at scale

  • Cluster and namespace backup and restoration with built-in Velero 

  • Cluster conformance inspection using built-in Sonobuoy 

Check out the product demo below, which shows you how to use the global control plane of Tanzu Standard to provide consistent management of Tanzu Kubernetes clusters that reside in VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC, as well as in other environments.

Accelerate Kubernetes adoption on VMware Cloud on AWS with Tanzu 

Tanzu Standard enables our customers to quickly adopt Kubernetes through the easy deployment and operation of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid while ensuring consistency, security, and governance of the multiple Kubernetes clusters leveraging the global control plane of Tanzu Standard across environments.

This integration between Tanzu Standard and VMware Cloud on AWS will help our customers accelerate their application and infrastructure modernization through the adoption of cloud native technologies on top of one of the leading hybrid cloud environments. 

To learn more about VMware Tanzu editions, please check our Tanzu website. Our VMware Cloud on AWS page has more information about that offering as well.

About the Author

Ning Ge

Ning is a product line marketing manager on the VMware Tanzu team, working on product marketing for VMware’s portfolio of Kubernetes-related products and services. Ning has worked in the cloud native space since 2016, when she joined VMware’s Cloud Native Apps business unit, and she has brought to market multiple Kubernetes products, including VMware PKS, VMware Tanzu Mission Control, and Tanzu Editions.

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