Tanzu Cloud Service Broker for Google Cloud Platform Comes to Tanzu Application Service

May 24, 2022 Nick Kuhn

The Tanzu Cloud Service Broker for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is now generally available! Platform operators interested in extending their VMware Tanzu Application Service marketplace can download and install the broker to offer production-grade services to their developer community. This new broker is based on the Cloud Service Broker framework, which allows for greater portability going forward as it is a common code base used by public cloud providers.

Operator guardrails preinstalled

Enabling proper organization controls on cloud native services can be overwhelming for operators and developers. We ease this burden by enabling the creation of service plans that implement some best-practice cloud guardrails. For instance, most organizations would want their databases deployed on a private subnet, and our example service plan for GCP Cloud SQL Postgres does this out of the box. These types of guardrails can help prevent accidental exposure and leakage.

A great developer experience expanded

The Cloud Service Broker for Google Cloud Platform puts the power of first-party GCP services directly in the hands of your developers. They will no longer need to wait for service tickets or infrastructure requests, or to fiddle with cloud consoles to obtain a database, storage, or other middleware services for their Tanzu Application Service applications. Developers can spend more time writing code and business logic instead of chasing down these various non-differentiating cumbersome tasks.

You can see that developer experience in action here:

Broker-supported services

The following is a breakdown of the services that the Cloud Service Broker for GCP currently supports:

  • GCP Cloud SQL (Postgres) – Production Ready

  • GCP Cloud SQL (MySQL) – Beta Support

  • GCP Memorystore for Redis – Beta Support

  • GCP BigQuery – Beta Support

  • GCP Spanner – Beta Support

  • GCP Cloud Storage – Beta Support

  • GCP Dataproc – Beta Support

  • GCP Stackdriver – Beta Support

While most services are still in beta support, we encourage you to try them out and provide us with feedback. We plan to quickly iterate on the broker and expand the production-ready status of additional GCP services in fast-follow releases. 

Ready to expand your Tanzu Application Service Platform with the Cloud Service Broker for GCP? Download the broker and grab the release notes

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