Pivotal’s Support Community Redesign Launches November 14th


What’s changing

Based on significant input from Pivots and customers, Pivotal Support is launching its newly redesigned online Community as a fully moderated experience with the goal of enabling learning from each other. 


What you’ll find on the Community

  • Easy access to news, content, hot issues, and trending knowledge articles

  • Links to discussions — ask questions, find answers, learn together 

  • At-your-fingertips training that focuses on what you need to know to get the most out of the Community


“Help yourself. Help each other. Help from our Pros.”

The Support Community operates as a peer-to-peer experience. Members can self-serve by searching across Pivotal’s knowledge base, documentation and discussion forums. Subscribers can also open and access support cases through the Community.


We welcome your comments, questions, and feedback: community@pivotal.io

Community Portal Guide
Community Portal Guide

Pivotal Support introduces unified search capabilities
Pivotal Support introduces unified search capabilities