A Sneak Peek at SpringOne Platform 2019 for Ops Engineers and VMware Pros

September 13, 2019 Neil McAllister

There’s plenty of news swirling around the market for ops engineers at the moment. By now, you’ve likely heard about Pivotal’s pending agreement to join VMware. You may also have heard that, much like Pivotal, VMware is all-in on Kubernetes (K8s). That’s not news to us: Pivotal and VMware partnered to create Pivotal Container Service (PKS), and there are plenty of other K8s-related projects in the works. In fact, it seems like K8s is everywhere these days. How to keep up?

One of the best ways to stay up to speed on these and other operations engineering trends is to join us at SpringOne Platform 2019, taking place October 7–10 at the Austin Convention Center. You’ll be able to rub elbows with peers and experts from the world of DevOps, cloud engineering, security, and more.

Here’s just a sampling of what we’ve cooked up for ops engineers this year.

Kubernetes, Kubernetes, Kubernetes

You’ve got K8s questions; our expert speakers and guests have K8s answers. Besides hearing from and rubbing elbows with enterprise customers who are already deploying K8s clusters in production, you’ll have access to a menu of K8s-related breakout sessions, including:

  • The Reality of DIY Kubernetes vs PKS. Wednesday, 4:20pm-5:30pm, Ballroom E. Pivotal and VMware teamed up to develop the Pivotal Container Service (PKS), our unique offering based on Kubernetes. But what makes it better than simply downloading K8s yourself? Hear VMware open source technical program manager Kenny Coleman explain the pitfalls of DIY K8s and how PKS can help ease those pains.

  •  Kubernetes and Windows: At Scale with Enterprise PKS. Wednesday, 5:40pm–6:10pm, Ballroom E. Did you know you can manage Microsoft Windows Containers with Kubernetes? You can with Enterprise PKS. Pivotal’s Kartik Lunkad and VMware’s Michael Michael explain how you can manage a heterogeneous K8s environment with a single set of tools.

  • K8s at Scale in the Enterprise: Self-Service Through the View of Personas. Thursday, 12:30pm-1:00pm, Ballroom E. Pivotal product lead Ryan Jones walks you through real-world experience deploying Kubernetes in production at a variety of enterprises. Along the way he’ll touch on issues like delivering K8s as a service, the need for K8s expertise, and roles and responsibilities.

The platform’s the thing

The days of deploying apps on standalone stacks are over. Today’s ops engineers are rapidly becoming platform engineers, and at S1P we’ll have plenty of guidance to help you along that journey.

Tales of real-world ops

The Pivotal Platform is going strong, and at S1P you’ll be able to hear firsthand how enterprises are using it to solve their app modernization challenges. Some sessions you won’t want to miss include:

  • Operating Pivotal Application Service at Scale. Thursday, 10:30am–11:40am, Room 17AB. Yahoo Japan is the leading portal site in Japan with 48 million users annually. Yusuke Honda, manager of Yahoo Japan’s cloud platform system management group, explains how the company expanded its PAS footprint to 10 Foundations and 30,000 apps.

  •  Enterprise Application Migration. Wednesday, 4:20pm–5:30pm, Room 16AB. The Home Depot has been working to move more than 1,000 legacy Java applications to the Pivotal Platform—but not without more than a few road bumps along the way. Hear frank talk about the challenges of app modernization at a Fortune 25 enterprise.

  •  Pivotal Vanguard Customer PCF Deep Dive Expedition: Pearls of Wisdom. Wednesday, 4:20pm–5:30pm, Room 17AB. Sit in on a roundtable discussion with the Pivotal Vanguard, Pivotal’s first enterprise customer community. Hear success stories (and war stories) from participants including Cerner, Comcast, DateV, DICK’S Sporting Goods, Liberty Mutual, Charles Schwab, OneMagnify, and McKesson.

As mentioned, these are just a few of the S1P sessions that will interest VMware pros and platform engineers alike. To see what else is in the cards, check out the full session catalog. And then join us in Austin to explore! We hope to see you there.

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