8 Must-Attend Sessions at Spring One Platform For the .NET Developer

September 27, 2019 David Dieruf

It's Spring One Platform time! What an amazing time to be a .NET developer. Every day we discover new possibilities in the open-source community. 

One of the more noteworthy possibilities: .NET microservices. If you're just getting into modern .NET or have reached ninja status, you're going to want to get to know the Steeltoe framework. At almost 4.7 million downloads the community agrees Steeltoe is the cloud-native .NET framework. Under the covers, Steeltoe project uses Spring Cloud to simplify patterns like config server, and service discovery. You don't have to know Java to use Java-based tech!

SpringOne Platform is the premier conference for getting hands-on with cloud-native patterns and practices. Both developers and cloud engineers find a wealth of knowledge, in just a few days at the conference - no matter the operating system. Looking over the sessions offered this year, it's obvious cloud-native .NET is a big focus. Let's have a look at the top .NET sessions offered. Register for the conference today!

Steeltoe Developer Training

Looking for an opportunity to learn cloud-native .NET and the Steeltoe framework all at once? This is your chance. During the 2-day training, you will create a production-ready ASP.NET core application and push to a Cloud Foundry foundation, using the latest Steeltoe features.

This training is a must for any .NET developer moving from .NET Framework to .NET Core. Register today for the conference and add on the training for a complete cloud-native experience!

Kubernetes and Windows: At Scale with Enterprise PKS

Senior product manager Kartik Lunkad will be sharing all the latest about Windows clusters in PKS. Everything from the Windows operating system, Windows containers, to applications running within. He will also be speaking about the right tools to manage a heterogeneous Kubernetes environment, containing both Linux and Windows.

.NET Microservices with Steeltoe 3.0: What’s New?

Steeltoe project manager Jason Konicki is joined by Steeltoe engineer Hananiel Sarella to speak about its current roadmap to version 3.0, as well as the new Steeltoe Tooling project. Learn about the next features of Steeltoe as well as how the framework creates a seamless local development environment, to the cloud.

.NET and Kubernetes: Bringing Legacy .NET Into the Modern World with Pivotal Container Services

Myself and .NET Practice Lead Chris Umbel will talk about running applications on Windows clusters in Kubernetes, using Enterprise PKS, Pivotal’s Kubernetes product. We’ll take a legacy .NET Framework application using embedded technologies like COM, and show how the same app can be moved to a Windows container.

Putting PCF to the Hybrid Cloud Test: Azure

Fiserv’s Olaf Gardin and Brian Smith talk about taking their on-premises Pivotal Application Service platform to Azure public cloud. They will speak about real work challenges met along the way, and the tools that got them through.

They will also talk about creating a hybrid-cloud model, spanning multiple on-prem data centers as well as Azure locations.

Fast 5 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for the Cloud

Magenic practice lead Robert Sirchia talks about the key things a .NET developer should be considering when bringing an existing app to the cloud. This session is a must if you have an existing portfolio that needs to be containerized.

Robert (and Magenic) are no strangers to .NET development. They have years of experience modernizing the worst of monoliths as well as pairing with Pivotal on cloud-native best practices. 

Steeltoe: Develop .NET Microservices Without Cloud Platform Lock-In

Steeltoe’s Hananiel Sarella and Tim Hess talk about .NET programming abstractions to ensure your applications are built using cloud-native principles and are cloud platform agnostic. Tim and Hananiel designed and continue to help grow the Steeltoe framework, and will educate you about how to create an application that can be easily moved from cloud to cloud.

Apache Kafka Event-Streaming Platform for .NET Developers

Confluent developer advocate Viktor Gamov will go deep into Apache Kafka as a data streaming platform. You'll see its internal architecture, including how it partitions messaging workloads in a fault-tolerant way, and how it provides message durability. Viktor will also talk about Confluent’s .NET client and how developers can get the most out of it.

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Make Friends and Learn New Things At SpringOne Platform: Check Out These Talks!

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