Leveling Up; Day 1 at SpringOne Platform 2018

September 24, 2018 Pivotal Team

The theme for this year’s SpringOne Platform is adventure. As with any quest, there comes a time in a journey when the individual or team must increase their skills before facing the problem. Hollywood uses a montage to make this effort look easy, and games often have players earn experience points that one can then dole out to fill out any gaps—but how do you level up in the real world?

Today, hundreds gathered at the beautiful Gaylord National Resort just outside of Washington, D.C. to hone up on engineering prowess—from Spring Boot® to Steeltoe® and Pivotal Cloud Foundry®. The hands-on instruction will help attendees replatform, scale, and automate towards their goals. And who knows, this time next year probably a few of them will be presenting at next year’s SpringOne. If you missed the boat on training this year, head over to Pivotal Training to see upcoming online and in-person courses.

Also happening today was the Apache Geode Summit, where data futurists from HCSC, Citi, Johnson & Johnson, and Pivotal dazzled each other with tales of how to unleash the power of  Geode’s potential for all their in-memory data needs.

Today was a big day for Pivotal Partners; we announced our first ever Pivotal Partner Awards and many of our partners (Altoros, Dynatrace, Apigee, and more!) hosted workshops. We also gave updates on the state of the Pivotal ecosystem.

The first day of the conference was rounded out with the Open Space. If this were a game, the Open Space would be the place where bands form together, supplies are procured, and quests are unearthed. It’s a community-driven unconference where sessions are self-organized and powered by the passion of the group.

If today’s interactions are any indication of what’s to come this week, we’re all going to have a lot of fun. Check out springoneplatform.io to watch the main stage presentations starting live tomorrow at 9am EDT.

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