How Comcast Embraced Open - Shilla Saebi & Nithya Ruff, Comcast

December 9, 2017

Want to learn more about how to build an active, and diverse community in your organization and maybe even have it expand company wide? Behind open source, there is a strong culture, and sometimes in some organizations debate on whether or not to use it, or contribute to it, can rise. Open source strikes a challenge for people to approach things in an innovative way, look for solutions that are outside the traditional box, and collaboratively where transparency is the most significant asset. Often times, enterprises struggle with the idea of using open source and major changes are needed to be able to play in this world. Nithya Ruff has started and grown Open Source Software (OSS) practices and strategy inside 2 companies both of which may seem like unlikely OSS cultures. She will talk about her first 90 days of starting the practice inside both companies and what it takes to assess, create plan, and communicate. She will also cover sponsorship, charter, reporting structure, and how to start the process of change. Shilla will discuss the importance of open source community collaboration and upstream contributions, and dive deeper into why active community participation even matters. As open source software is embraced by the enterprise, companies are starting to look at more than just the technical aspect of open source projects. Building a community around these open source projects is extremely important. They are also vital to create because they provide support to the individuals who are working together on the same project. It brings a sense of unity, and can be made possible through processes such as communication, inter-group relations, tools, and networking. Starting the base for a vibrant community is not always easy or straightforward and is often not the first thing engineers and developers are thinking about. In this presentation, we will discuss practical tips on how to change an organization’s mindset towards embracing open source and inclusiveness, community building, and how to find resources to start contributing upstream. Comcast is an active contributor in various open source projects, and sponsors some key open source foundations. We will jump into the existing projects we have contributed back to, such as Cloud Foundry, Apache, and OpenStack. We will be including real examples of Comcast’s contributions to the Pivotal community, and the Cloud Foundry community. Additionally, we will talk about some of the cool projects that we have open-sourced recently and show you how to get started with them. Together we will discuss the techniques, the tools, and the practices needed to get started and make an impact! Slides: TBA Shilla Saebi, Open Source Community Development Lead, Comcast Nithya Ruff, Senior Director, Comcast Filmed at SpringOne Platform 2017

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