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December 6, 2017 Steve Casale

Hear from Comcast’s Greg Otto and how they’ve grown to over 2,000 developers deploying 20,000 apps.

Comcast’s Executive Director of Cloud Services, Greg Otto, knows the quiet power of cloud operations. For some three years he orchestrated a methodical transformation at one of the world’s largest cable providers, helping a small, back-office team give life to a broad DevOps culture, and transform into an agile, cross-functional support team.

“I often tell developers that you are writing my review… and we succeed if they can do more of the things that they love to do.”
— Greg Otto

That has translated today to some 2,000 developers deploying 20,000 apps on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and 350M transactions a day. Otto also worked with Pivotal Labs and Accenture to invest deeply in enabling developer teams to embrace an agile culture. Jeff and Ciara find out how Comcast focused on resiliency and time-to-market, and how the company brought tools that were were at the nexus of important customer transactions over to a cycle of continuous integration and delivery.

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