Moving Toward DevSecOps: A Case of a Framework Standardization Team

November 12, 2018

Learn from the work on the standardization of software frameworks in the R&D department of a large Japanese company. NTT has over a hundred projects using a Spring-based framework. Security requirements from typical Japanese companies are exceedingly high. So they have been doing various activities to meet them: providing a guideline to implement security functions, keep watch on which OSS they select, and delivering reports of vulnerabilities. But security is not a bottleneck of development. They are discussing automated verification that will take full advantage of a standardized framework with their security team. Speaker: Takuya Iwatsuka, NTT Filmed at SpringOne Platform 2018

DevSecOps with Confidence
DevSecOps with Confidence

How to ship code faster in production without sacrificing security? How to maintain consistency in CI/CD pi...

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