That Moment, Episode 9: “Focus on what’s in your control”

September 19, 2018 Mischa Nachtigal


This week’s episode of That Moment is all about sports. But we’re not making predictions for the playoffs, instead we’re looking at how sports are shifting—from integrating mindfulness into the training regimes of the NBA’s top players, to how robots are helping keep student-athletes safe.

First up is Graham Betchart, voice of Lucid and a mental skills coach to top athletes including NBA stars Jaylen Brown, Aaron Gordon, Ben Simmons, and more. We discuss how this new generation of athletes is focused on training their minds in addition to their bodies.

As parents pull their kids from football teams over safety concerns, one college coach is determined to establish a safe playing field. His secret weapon? A robot, obviously. Buddy Teevens, Head Coach of the Dartmouth College football team, developed the MVP—“mobile virtual player”—after he instituted a no-tackling policy in practice. He talks to us about the robot and how it came to be used by high-schools and colleges across the country.

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About That Moment

There are moments in life when everything changes. Today, relationships, industries and technologies are changing faster than ever before. When and how do people recognize these disrupting moments before it’s too late, and more importantly, what do they do about it? Welcome to That Moment, a podcast about pivotal moments, where fear, uncertainty and excitement come to a boiling point, and you are faced with a decision: Do I make a change? That Moment is produced by Pivotal, a company that believes when change is the only constant, people and businesses must be built to adapt.

Season 2 of That Moment is produced by Little Everywhere.

About the Author

Mischa Nachtigal

Mischa Nachtigal runs editorial and social media at Pivotal.

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