"We had to take a step back and question our biases"

September 12, 2018 Mischa Nachtigal

For Season 2 of That Moment, Pivotal’s Shorty Award-nominated podcast, we decided to iterate. We have a new host, author and podcaster Doree Shafrir, and a revamped format. Each episode has a central theme and for the season opener, we’re looking at conflict zones through two lenses: humanitarian aid and reporting.

When it comes to refugee camps, cost and efficiency are at the forefront of design. Usability often takes a backseat, and sometimes with disastrous results. Pivotal recently teamed up with the Human Innovation Fund to create user-centric latrines, and we talk to Pivotal designers Aly Blenkin and Ellie Ereira about what they learned and how it can be applied to future projects.

Every day journalists are risking their lives to report from conflict zones like Iraq and Syria, but behind the scenes, a team of people makes sure they get home safely. We talk to BuzzFeed's security advisor Eliot Stempf about why this moment in time is different for journalists reporting in conflict zones, and why investing in security is necessary for every media organization.

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About That Moment

There are moments in life when everything changes. Today, relationships, industries and technologies are changing faster than ever before. When and how do people recognize these disrupting moments before it’s too late, and more importantly, what do they do about it? Welcome to That Moment, a podcast about pivotal moments, where fear, uncertainty and excitement come to a boiling point, and you are faced with a decision: Do I make a change?  

That Moment is produced by Pivotal, a company that believes when change is the only constant, people and businesses must be built to adapt. Season 2 of That Moment is produced by Little Everywhere.

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Mischa Nachtigal

Mischa Nachtigal runs editorial and social media at Pivotal.

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