Solving the Last Mile to the Cloud at Intrado

December 3, 2019 Dormain Drewitz

With a mandate to adopt cloud to cut costs, the team at Intrado (formerly known as West Corporation) found themselves stuck in early 2018. They had 600-700 application instances on the Pivotal Platform, but that was far from their projected goal. Why were they stuck? Terry Miles, platform owner at Intrado, describes it as the "last mile" issues, including workflows and processes.

How, then, did Intrado triple the number of application instances on the platform in the next year? In this episode you'll hear Terry and Jason Nash, Product Engineering Manager at Intrado, describe how they identified blockers and "broke the dam." You can also watch them present their story at CF Summit 2019, as well as Terry's update at SpringOne Platform 2019

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Dormain leads Product Marketing and Content Strategy for VMware Tanzu. Before VMware she was Senior Director of Pivotal Platform Ecosystem, including RabbitMQ, and Customer Marketing. Previously, she was Director of Product Marketing for Mobile and Pivotal Data Suite. Prior to Pivotal, she was Director of Platform Marketing at Riverbed Technology. Prior to Riverbed, she spent over 5 years as a technology investment analyst, closely following enterprise infrastructure software companies and industry trends. Dormain holds a B. A. in History from the University of California at Los Angeles.

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