Serverless, knative, & project riff, with Mark Fisher (Ep. 112)

August 31, 2018 Michael Coté

Few topics are driving more interest than "serverless." Pivotal has been working on a function framework called Project Riff for awhile. At its core, it's an event driven model for building applications. Recently, the team announced that riff works on knative. We discuss riff, knative, and serverless in general. There's also a little bit of news this week, and some herring history.

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This week in Amsterdam

  • Herring is good. It's raw. So, sure.

  • The Dutch and herring: "[h]istorians believe much of Holland’s wealth, sea trade and colonization can be attributed to herring. After a Dutchman by the name of Willem Beukelszoon invented a popular process for curing the fish in brine, the love affair was cemented."


Interview with Mark Fisher

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