Putting the Ops Back Into DevOps, SpringOne Tour Istanbul with Nate Schutta & Paul Czarkowski

May 27, 2019 Michael Coté

This week I've got a discussion about DevOps I had with Nate and Paul. I've been curious about the changing nature of DevOps as SRE and platform operations comes into vogue. It seems like the idea of "full stack" DevOps is being dimension...and maybe DevOps itself? Maybe now it's just OpsOps. We also talk about enterprise architecture and governance in the age of decoupled, event-driven, microservices. And somewhere in there, we talk about how culture gets changed and who needs to do it.

We discuss!

This was one of the Pivotal Conversations talks at SpringOne Tour in Istanbul done at a table in the lunch room, with about 8 attendees. I've cut out most of the attendee interaction to keep their stuff off the record. And pardon the background noise, I've tried to remove as much as possible without distorting the entrée audio.

Also, if this is the kind of conversation you'd like to be involved in, try to come to one of the SpringOne Tours, likely in a city near you! You'll mostly get a belly full of warm and tasty Spring knowledge, but there's plenty of kubernetes and meatware topics like this discussion.


Additional topics:

  • Nate is a technology marriage counselor..

  • All the good DevOps work happens before the software is written.

  • "Meta work is more interesting than work."

  • "As a practitioner, I can't action culture."

  • "I just want to stop being so miserable so I'm just gonna like have the robots do the work I don't enjoy doing."

  • In DevOps, CALMS is just the A and M.

  • "Something that you and I were talking about earlier today."

  • Audience: the easier the tools are [to use] the easier the culture change will be.

  • "Maybe I don't wanna reload my bank."

  • Actually success is all about avoiding failure.

  • "You can't change your company unless you change your company."

  • Don't solution me, bro!

  • (He said "kliks.")

  • Safi Bahcall is the physicist Coté was thinking of. Check out this interview, and an HBR article from him.

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