Pay Transparency, Being Public, and Hiring for Culture, with Joe Militello (Ep. 103)

May 17, 2018 Michael Coté

In this episode, we check back in with Pivotal's head of HR, Joe Militello. We discuss progress on Pivotal's pay transparency program and why it'll net help the employees and company. Also, there's some tips on practical Interviews for a creative, software driven companies like Pivotal and many of our customers. Since last we talked Pivotal went public, so we talk about the relatively small) differences in HR since then.

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  • New managed Redis service from Google. Redis is new Postgres, every cloud has it!

    • Day 2 operations in action: "replicating a Redis instance provides only data redundancy, you still need to do the heavy lifting of health checking, electing of a primary, client connections on failover, etc. The Cloud Memorystore service takes away all this complexity and makes it easy for you deploy a Redis instance that meets your application’s needs."

  • Microsoft adds “Kafka head” to Event Hubs service. Makes their event stream processing cloud service “look like” Kafka.

  • How to Save a Fortune On Cloud Infrastructure. Pivotal engineers show you how to save IaaS costs. Richard’s writing a paper that also goes into this.

    • "This simple action reduced the average “time-to-live” for environments by five hours. That adds up to $100,000 per year savings!"

    • Shutting down the build environments over the weekend: "[t]he result is another $130,000 in cost reduction."

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