Navigating the No, and Moving from .Net to Java (Ep. 91)

January 19, 2018 Michael Coté

Technology and process are important when it comes to improving how you do software, but selling the organization on the change is always an issue. Great American Insurance Group's Jon Osborn gave a great talk on navigating the "no's" to change at SpringOne platform. The day before he gave the talk, Coté talked with him about his experience getting a large organization onboard with cloud native and agile concepts, all the way down to tactics like how like slides and business cases. He also talks with Ben Romito who'd moved from doing .Net development at Great American Insurance Group to Java development.

Be sure to check out the recording of his talk as well.

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Michael Coté

Coté works on the advocate team for Pivotal Cloud Foundry®. See @cote for more.

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