Living in the API Economy (Ep. 23)

March 29, 2017 Jeff Kelly

A recent study by researchers at Boston University and MIT found that companies that invest in, develop and leverage application programming interfaces, or APIs, enjoy significant growth in revenue and profit as a result. APIs enable companies to extract additional value from legacy systems and expose their services to more users. But as APIs become central to a company's business model, managing and securing them likewise take on added importance.

In this episode of Pivotal Insights, co-hosts Jeff Kelly and Dormain Drewitz speak with Prithpal Bhogill, a product manager for API platform provider Apigee, now a part of Google’s cloud platform group. The three discuss the evolution of what is often called the API Economy, how APIs are reshaping the way large, traditional enterprises do business and create value for their customers, and some of the challenges developers face developing, managing and securing APIs in cloud-native environments. 
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Show Notes

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Jeff Kelly

Jeff Kelly is a Director of Partner Marketing at Pivotal Software. Prior to joining Pivotal, Jeff was the lead industry analyst covering Big Data analytics at Wikibon. Before that, Jeff covered enterprise software as a reporter and editor at TechTarget. He received his B.A. in American studies from Providence College and his M.A. in journalism from Northeastern University.

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