Kubernetes, Serverless, and DevOps, with Paul "Czarkernetes" Czarkowski (Ep. 94)

February 8, 2018 Michael Coté

All the kids are crazy for kubernetes. And for good reason, it's helping smooth out the rough, weird area between IaaS and PaaS, making it easier for organizations to run their IT in a cloud native fashion. In this episode, Richard and Coté talk with Pivotal's  Paul Czarkowski about the history, purpose, and experience of running kubernetes. We also touch on how it intermixes and effects serveless and DevOps. Plus, we talk about doing CFPs, and, as always, we also go over recent news in the infrastructure world.

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Michael Coté

Coté works on the advocate team for Pivotal Cloud Foundry®. See @cote for more.

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