Dino Helps Us Figure Out What to Do With Legacy Applications (Ep. 50)

February 14, 2017 Michael Coté

Once you have your shiny new Pivotal Cloud Foundry instance installed, it's time to start selecting new applications to build and existing applications to migrate. Many of this second bucket will be "legacy" applications that aren't immediately compatible with the cloud native approach. Dino Cicciarelli and his team work with Pivotal customers to navigate through this process. We talk about the common process, roadblocks, and mental shifts people go through to be successful. One of the chief thought-technologies deployed is to start working on real, actual applications rather than inflicting a long process of analysis paralysis on yourself. We also cover a sampling of recent news: Visual Studio and Cloud Foundry, patent troll protection in Azure, and Snap's whopping spend on public cloud.

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Guest - Dino Cicciarelli on “legacy”

  • What's the (typical) post sales life like for our customers?

  • Working with security and compliance people early on.

  • Legacy analysis - How does the customer decide on which apps to modernize and replatform?

  • Working style of this stuff: stories, not Gantt charts.

  • Three types of migration, some examples of each. Walking through how to boil down thousands of apps to a handful to start migrating, like 10.

  • Common changes: configuration services, storage access, better testing, putting in continuous integration. The goal is to allow people to start doing faster release cycles. Also, putting together a "cookbook" for how to start doing this in the future.

  • "Snap analysis"?

  • Forcing learning/analysis paralysis - value-driven training ("on the job") - "this is starting to feel like real work!" - Dino: "the anxiety of making a decision goes down."

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