Continuous Refinancing of Your Tech Debt with Rachel Stephens of Redmonk

June 25, 2019 Dormain Drewitz

In 2017, Rachel Stephens (@rstephensme) of Redmonk wrote a great piece about how technical debt is an incomplete analogy. But she agrees that it shouldn't be abandoned. In this episode, she and I expound on the analogy to its breaking points, including liquidity, derivatives, and the perpetual state of refinancing we're all in.

For background notes, you can see my slides from my GlueCon 2019 talk, "Can we trade derivatives of technical debt?".  I also recommend this webinar with Josh McKenty and Uli Homann on Debunking Myths about Cloud Portability for it's discussion of lock-in (and, essentially, liquidity).

Want to hear from folks like Discover, who "paid down" over 30k lines of tech debt (according to Dormain's definition)? Register for SpringOne Platform today and save an extra $200 with S1P200_DDREWITZ. 

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Dormain Drewitz

Dormain leads Product Marketing and Content Strategy for VMware Tanzu. Before VMware she was Senior Director of Pivotal Platform Ecosystem, including RabbitMQ, and Customer Marketing. Previously, she was Director of Product Marketing for Mobile and Pivotal Data Suite. Prior to Pivotal, she was Director of Platform Marketing at Riverbed Technology. Prior to Riverbed, she spent over 5 years as a technology investment analyst, closely following enterprise infrastructure software companies and industry trends. Dormain holds a B. A. in History from the University of California at Los Angeles.

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