Conference, News, & White Papers Catsup with Jared Ruckle - DellEMC Conference, CF Summit NA 2018 (Ep. 102)

May 14, 2018 Michael Coté


With all these conferences since last time, we have to bring in Jared Ruckle to help us sort out all the news that's happened since last time. There's Dell Technologies World, CF Summit, Kubecon, and Microsoft build. We also discuss the new Built to Adapt Benchmark and how Jared's picks for other interesting, revent Pivotal content.

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Dell Tech World

CF Summit Announcements & Misc.

  • Round-ups: CFF blog post and press release.

  • Alibaba will have Cloud Foundry available, also, SUSE's CF edition is certified now.

  • is Cloud Foundry certified, run by 18F: " is FedRAMP authorized, and focuses on offering a certified Cloud Foundry platform to federal agencies." And: "it makes it possible for over 430 federal agencies in the United States to take advantage of the digital transformation benefits of Cloud Foundry." Also government clouds in UK, Australia, the Netherlands, and South Korea.

  • Also, see a list of all the certified Cloud Foundry services out there.

  • That USAF talk looks really interesting - some updated tanker planning transformation pictures, too.

  • Also, on USAF's success: "Software company Pivotal, backed by Dell EMC, VMWare, GE, Microsoft and Ford, has developed a tanker refuelling solution for the USAF with the US Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx); Running on the firm’s Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform, the software solution was built for under $2m in 90 days and is now being used in operational areas including Qatar. It currently saves the US Air Force $1 million per day in fuel costs, with the software being managed by just one person. It also aligns with USAF’s Air Operations Centre (AOC) capabilities via a continuous delivery software development pipeline to a hybrid cloud-based platform alongside the legacy AOC 10.1 system."

  • T-Mobile's success: In their PCF setup, T-Mobile has only 10 operators supporting 18,000 containers doing 10,000 transactions/second. This is spread over 1,700 developers. So: "T-Mobile reports a 170:1 developer to operator ratio."

CFF Survey

  • 609 respondents, 383 "users."

  • Kubernetes: "13 percent of Cloud Foundry Application Runtime (CFAR) users currently use Cloud Foundry Container Runtime (CFCR)," with 45% evaluating.

  • Savings/ROI: "Nearly a quarter of Cloud Foundry users report saving $500K per application development cycle - 17 percent of whom save more than $1 million."

  • Release cycle reduction: 36% save "a few months," 3+ months 36%, 6+ months 10%./

  • Org. size: 61% of users in $1bn+ companys, 14% in $100m to $1bn, 25% <$100m

  • Geo: North America 43%m, Europe 33%m AsiaPac 14%, rest in LATAM and Africa/ME

  • Uses for centralized, standard platform: 'Nearly a third (30 percent) of user respondents describes their Cloud Foundry use as “broad”—either rolling out or fully integrated across the whole company.'

  • Prod. usage: Still early in usage, but getting closer to wider use: almost doubling of # of developers using PCF (50+ goes from 28 to 49), rise in 50-500 app in prod, and 500+. Migration wave coming:

    • "More than half of user respondents (52 percent) are migrating most applications to a Cloud Foundry platform, and 31 percent are planning to or considering migration."

    • "Companies with more than 50 applications on Cloud Foundry rose from 24% to 40% in just over six months."

  • Deployment patterns:

    • All hybrid (cross firewall) and multi-cloud. [People want portability].

    • 48% have multi-cloud deployment, down by 5% (a margin of error, at least) from 2017: 49% on AWS, 42% on VMware, 28% OpenStack, 26% Azure, 23% Google, 20% IBM Cloud

    • 61% private cloud, 41% off-prem public cloud, 19% off-prem private cloud.

Jared Ruckle

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