Building Product in the Enterprise, with Emily Tate (Ep. 93)

February 1, 2018 Michael Coté

Doing proper, product-driven, user-driven agile in large organizations is hard. Much of it, of course, has to do with organizational processes that are inflexible and built around long-term planning. Emily Tate knows all this first hand, and we discuss her about her recent talk on this topic. As the abstract says: "sometimes working in an enterprise company, your life can feel more like a Dilbert cartoon than a TechCrunch article. Pushing for modern product and design thinking in the enterprise can be challenging, but the opportunity to make an impact can be huge. This talk will discuss common challenges to building great product in the enterprise, including: User research roadblocks MVP misunderstandings Product autonomy Institutional momentum against change."

As always, we also go over recent news in the infrastructure world.

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Coté works on the advocate team for Pivotal Cloud Foundry®. See @cote for more.

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