Pivotal Web Services End of Availability Announcement and Timeline

September 17, 2020 Jared Ruckle

Since 2014, Pivotal Web Services has been an important resource, serving a variety of your business needs in a convenient and easy way. We have always been proud of how many workloads have been entrusted to our care and thankful for the insight and feedback gained from operating Cloud Foundry at scale. 

As Cloud Foundry evolves, we see that the continued convergence between Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes makes the operation of a large scale managed service less effective at providing that insight.

We have decided to prioritize investment in other areas of our business, and are announcing the end of availability (EOA) for Pivotal Web Services, effective as of January 15, 2021. You may continue to access Pivotal Web Services until this date. Please ensure that your applications and other data are removed from the Pivotal Web Services system prior to this date as we cannot ensure any accessibility thereafter.

As Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes come closer together, you can opt to run the Cloud Foundry developer API on your choice of Kubernetes distribution. We recommend the cf-for-k8s project, a major source of investment and innovation.

VMware continues to invest deeply in Cloud Foundry. The company remains the leading contributor to the project.

New Pivotal Web Services account sign-ups will no longer be accepted after today, September 17, 2020.

If you are consuming services offered through the AppDirect marketplace, please note that no new marketplace services will be available as of October 15, 2020, and all existing marketplace subscriptions will end on November 15, 2020. If you want to maintain your service, please reach out directly to the vendor. We’ve created a simple checklist to help you understand your options:

  • If your service is no longer needed, cancel your subscription with the marketplace vendor.
  • If you want to maintain your marketplace vendor subscription on a different platform, contact the marketplace vendor to assist you in the migration before November 15, 2020.
  • If you do nothing, your subscription will be canceled automatically on November 15, 2020, and you will lose access.

Thank you for using Pivotal Web Services. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.


The Pivotal Web Services Team

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