IMPORTANT NOTICE: Enabling of CPU Entitlements on PWS

June 4, 2020 PWS Platform

Greetings from the Pivotal Web Services Platform team!

We are planning to enable a Cloud Foundry feature called CPU Entitlements on or after Monday June 15 2020, in order to improve the way CPU resources are fairly shared among applications on the platform. Once enabled, each app instance will have an “entitlement” to a share of available CPU resources on the VM where it’s located. That share is proportional to the instance memory size. Applications will continue to be able to burst above their entitlement, but priority will be given to apps that on average remain within their entitlement. Once throttled, an app instance will slow down until its usage comes below its calculated entitlement.

If you have an app that is consistently above its entitlement, you may notice a decrease in performance after this feature is enabled. You can get a view into your application’s CPU usage relative to its entitlement by using the cpu-entitlement CLI plugin. If your app is consistently exceeding its CPU entitlement, you may need to scale it up by requesting more memory per instance. For more information on CPU entitlements see this Cloud Foundry blog post.

You can let us know of any questions or feedback through this Pivotal Web Services blog post comments or the Pivotal Web Services community forum.

Thank you and have a great rest of your week,
Pivotal Web Services Platform team

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