It's all about containers now

June 23, 2020 Michael Coté

Container usage is finally getting big time in the enterprise. Gartner is estimated a 34% growth rate, going up to $1bn by 2024. With new co-host, Rita, we look at what “containers” and “cloud native” has become as a market. Our conversation starters this episode are about checking in on how much executives are actually transforming and discussing trade-offs in decision making. Also: olive oil. 

Voices: @ritam and @cote

Topics for consideration: 

  • Experimental segment each episode where we go over any questions we’ve come across that provoke interesting discussions. 

  • Are you changing meetings

  • Trade offs. 

About the Author

Michael Coté

Michael Coté works on the advocates team for VMware Tanzu. See @cote for more.

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