A Checklist for API Security with Wim Remes

December 31, 2019 Dormain Drewitz

As a security expert and consultant, Wim Remes (@WimRemes), was fed up with clients using security products that had lacking API security themselves. But he knew that it was a multi-faceted problem that couldn't be addressed in one place. So, he developed a maturity model for security APIs that could serve as a check list for clients evaluating products, procurement teams involved in purchasing security products, and security vendors building the products. As it turns out, it's a pretty good checklist for any developer building APIs.

Wim sat down with Dormain Drewitz (@DormainDrewitz) and Brian McClain (@BrianMMcClain) to talk through the model, which includes factors for documentation, authentication, and design and implementation. Wim described what a "zero" or "one" versus a "five" looked like for some of these factors. How do your APIs measure up?

API security maturity model

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