Demetrious Robinson, Labs, and Learning Tech

December 2, 2019 Michael Coté

In this episode we talk with Pivotal's Demetrious Robinson about his experience becoming a programmer, starting with RPG games, learning in Last Mile while in prison, and then through a General Assembly coding Boot Camp and into Pivotal. We also cover recent Pivotal related news with Pivotal Container Service (PKS), PAS on Kubernetes, and the Pivotal Build Service.


  • PKS 1.6 ships. You get a new management UI, Kubernetes 1.15 support, first integration with Tanzu Mission Control, support for new logging endpoints.

  • Confluent delivers ksqlDB. Made up of an event database that offers materialized views, and support for pull (retrieve materialized view) and push (subscribe to changes in query results) queries.

  • Updated strategy for PIvotal Build Service and PAS for Kubernetes. New posts that share the latest for the Build Service, and where PAS for Kubernetes is heading.

    • Build: the ol' rebuilding the OS for CVEs deal; building from code and container image, storing somewhere. 

Google Cloud Run goes GA. Google’s containerized serverless environment (powered by Knative) ships.

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