Announcing the VMware Tanzu Application Service 2.11.1 Release

June 15, 2021 Emile Kfouri

We are pleased to announce the release of VMware Tanzu Application Service 2.11.1, an update that further simplifies the process of deploying and running apps across clouds at scale. Read on for details about this release, and for more exciting developments in the broader VMware Tanzu sphere.

What’s new

The 2.11.1 version of Tanzu Application Service contains a number of updates and minor fixes designed to make things run more smoothly and securely. Here, we are highlighting a few specific items:

  • Patch versions – Starting with this version and continuing with all subsequent ones, patch versions can be consumed without bumping the associated stemcell, meaning not every virtual machine will need to be re-created. Now, only jobs that are actually updated will require a restart. Of course, stemcells should still be updated regularly, as they require their own cadence of security fixes. But this change should result in faster deployments of some patches. 

  • SNI routing – The Tanzu Application Service TCP router now supports Server Name Indication (SNI) routing. In addition to being useful for app developers, a future version of the VMware Tanzu GemFire tile will be able to remove its TCP router and rely on the Tanzu Application Service TCP, as the Tanzu GemFire tile compatible with 2.11 requires SNI routing over TCP routes.

  • Buildpack updates – This release contains a big round of buildpack updates, covering things like the impact of the "billion laughs"-type parsing vulnerabilities and dependency confusion-type vulnerabilities across many ecosystems and libraries.

These updates build on the recent Tanzu Application Service 2.11 release, which included “jump upgrade” capabilities from versions 2.7–2.10 directly to version 2.11, consistent human-readable timestamps for component logs, the addition of V3 APIs in the Cloud Controller V3 API library, and many more useful features. See the full list of version 2.11 release notes.

Giving customers more options for multi-cloud deployments, Tanzu Application Service 2.11 is certified to run on VMware Cloud on AWS, and we’ve also validated several Tanzu Application Service versions for production use atop VMware Cloud Foundation (more details can be found in this post).

In addition, Tanzu Application Service now supports the NSX-T Policy API and the NSX-T team is in the final stages of certifying it. Now, customers using the AVI load balancer can take advantage of the Policy API to make use of the dynamic service pool. Additional updates made with NSX-T support address bugs and improve overall performance.

More new features

Today, we’re also announcing quite a few exciting developments in the broader VMware Tanzu ecosystem that support the three types of digital transformation organizations are facing today. 

Want to learn more about how Tanzu Application Service is being used in the real world? Read the story of Yapı Kredi, Turkey’s third-largest private bank, which boosted in-house application development, agility, and customer satisfaction after making Tanzu Application Service a core part of its infrastructure modernization efforts. And watch this webinar to see how VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront helps SREs, developers, and platform teams get the most out of products like Tanzu Application Service and VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, speeding up services delivery, pinpointing bottlenecks, and getting more clarity around their applications with sophisticated alerts, metrics, and logs.

Watch this space for future updates as we continue to execute on the Tanzu Application Service roadmap. And be sure to look for more from the community at the Cloud Foundry Summit in July.

About the Author

Emile Kfouri is the product director for VMware Tanzu Application Service.

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