Unleashing Human Potential: Day 1 at SpringOne Platform 2019

October 8, 2019 Liz Huang

The first day of SpringOne Platform 2019  is in the books, and one thing is clear; people are the most important part of the equation. Whether it’s all things technical, or culture-based—enabling the people around you, and simplifying how they work in an impactful way is the key to a successful and sustainable organization and a true digital transformation. 

Raising the Bar with Pivotal and VMware

We kicked off with James Watters, SVP, Products at Pivotal,  who explained why cloud-native is the future, why getting to production is more important than getting to a meeting, and why embracing or not embracing a new way of thinking—one that centers around the developer—will be the litmus test between organizations that win, and organizations that lose. 

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, then joined James to break down how the VMware Tanzu vision embraces the Spring Community. "We see Kubernetes as connective tissue. And VMware and Pivotal are in a unique position to bring developers and operators closer together," said Gelsinger. Learn more about VMware Tanzu here. 

Cornelia Davis, Vice President of Technology at Pivotal, then took the stage with Watters  to break down how Pivotal continues to raise the bar with Pivotal Platform. Learn more here.


A New Way to Run Spring Boot Apps Atop Kubernetes

Ryan Morgan, Vice President, Application Platform at Pivotal and John Montgomery, Corporate Vice President, Program Management at Microsoft then announced Azure Spring Cloud as a fully managed service. With this announcement, it’s now easier for developers to build microservices-based applications atop the Spring Boot framework. Learn more here.


Creating True Tech Enablement

Next, Leah McGowen-Hare, Vice President of Trailhead Evangelism at Salesforce, took the stage to explain how to create true tech enablement. Key points include: letting go of a fixed mindset, bringing others along and empowering those around you, meeting people where they are, and that knowledge is here to share, not to hoard. Most importantly, Leah emphasized that just as Beyoncé didn’t start at Coachella—tech enablement doesn’t start full force. Small steps and moving forward with a goal in mind are imperative to creating real change. 


Lessons Learned at TD Ameritrade

Finally Vijay Sankaran, CIO of TD Ameritrade dove into TD Ameritrade’s successful journey with partnering with Pivotal Labs and running on Pivotal Platform. 

Here Are Some Other Highlights From the Day:

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