New Fellow Travelers Join the Cloud Foundry Foundation Mission

May 1, 2014 Leo Spiegel

featured-NewCFTravelersPivotal CEO Paul Maritz wrote about Cloud Foundry back in February when we announced our intention to form the non-profit Cloud Foundry Foundation. The Foundation aims to formalize Pivotal’s commitment to the open governance of a new platform that serves businesses in a multi-cloud world, anchored around Cloud Foundry.

I’m delighted with Pivotal’s announcement of the eight new Gold level members who have stated their intention to join the Cloud Foundry Foundation when it launches this Fall. They include Accenture, BNY Mellon, Capgemini, Ericsson, GE, Intel, NTT and Verizon, bringing the total level of Platinum and Gold members to 17.

Software continues to disrupt every aspect of the consumer and enterprise experience. A new paradigm is emerging where primacy is in data and analytics delivered across a variety of cloud computing architectures, and through web and mobile applications that enable enterprises everywhere to create new business models at great speed. We believe that helping enterprises succeed at each step in this new cloud economy—to quickly develop, deploy and scale applications across clouds—can be achieved through the Cloud Foundry Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Cloud Foundry is an open source project that has evolved into the basis for a true open platform ecosystem. We believe open source is essential to building an enterprise PaaS that scales across any infrastructure technology, and supports a variety of languages and 3rd-party services. In addition to a 10-member advisory board, the Cloud Foundry community has grown by 113% over the past 12 months, contributing nearly 700,000 lines of code.

The independent, non-profit Cloud Foundry Foundation will take that mission a step further: Governance through a community of fellow travelers who will guide and build Cloud Foundry that supports this open ecosystem of users, applications, services and providers.

We’ve come a long way since February in giving developers across industries the tools to pivot and turn applications into business value. But we’re at the end of the beginning. The broader mission of the Cloud Foundry Foundation begins in earnest when it launches this Fall. In the meantime, join the dialogue on the cloud’s future platform in June, when our founding members and community gather at the Cloud Foundry Summit.

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