Why The Fortune 100 Turn to Pivotal for Digital Transformation

March 7, 2017 Pivotal Team

When your flagship software product reaches over $270 million in bookings in one year, it gets a lot of attention. For us at Pivotal, big financial numbers means we’re solving really hard engineering problems and have created a product that unlocks operational efficiency, boosts developer productivity, and jumpstarts innovation. In turn, our customers use our technology to ensure they’re on the right side of disruption—by better meeting their customers’ needs through software.

When Pivotal was founded four years ago, we seized on the major opportunity to help large enterprises regain their competitive advantage. In a relatively short time, a growing chorus of forward-thinking CEOs and CIOs have adopted our holistic approach—a next-generation software development methodology paired with a cloud-native platform and analytics tools—to transform their businesses to thrive in a digital future. We believe winners and losers will be determined by their ability to better engage their customers through meaningful software experiences.   

Pivotal now works with over one-third of the Fortune 100, and a rapidly growing portion of the Fortune 2000. Why? It’s because we don’t just sell them a software product—a set of features used to address a specific need they’ve already identified. Rather, we sell software that helps the world’s largest companies aspire to achieve extraordinary business outcomes on their digital transformation journey, such as:

Today, these companies are now using our flagship software to innovate faster than ever to deliver exponential value to their own customers. Moreover, our visionary customers have laid out a clear roadmap:  

  1. Be empathetic to the people, process, and technology already in place. The Home Depot Manager of Application Platforms, Anthony McCulley, was mindful of being inclusive of the people operating legacy processes and technology as he took the company “From 0 to 3,100 Apps” in their first year using Pivotal Cloud Foundry.    

  2. Stop maintaining no-value infrastructure, and start building value-added software. Comcast Executive Director of Cloud Services, Greg Otto, summarized the Pivotal experience best, saying, “For the first time ever, we fully upgraded cloud infrastructure with zero impact—in production, during business hours, and during peak hours.” Going from having 0 to 900 apps on Pivotal Cloud Foundry in their first year, the company is now spending less money and time maintaining its infrastructure and more time innovating. Comcast has adapted its offerings for the modern digital age and the way their customers want to consume media. Now they iterate on ideas and generate a customer-facing feature in 2–3 days, rather than months.

  3. Change the way work is done by empowering developers. Our Spring Boot product is now one of the most popular microservices approaches to building cloud-native applications, with over 10 million monthly downloads. Allstate’s Former Senior Vice President and CTO, Andy Zitney, said, “Set the developer free… if developers are stuck writing OS or Kernel level configurations, then they’re not writing beautiful software that’s revenue generating.” Instead, he advised organizations to give developers Spring on top of Pivotal Cloud Foundry as an environment that allows them to, “...on Day 1, pound out code that enables your business.”

Across our 20 worldwide offices, Pivotal continues to be a hub for both startups and large enterprises committed to using our technology and software development methodology to discover new ways to engage their customers, break into new markets, and reshape their industries. We look forward to another great year of our customers stretching our expectations on what’s possible, and continuing to push the boundaries of innovation.

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