VMware Tanzu Reinvents Advanced Analytics with Open Source-Based, Multi-Cloud Technology

September 14, 2017 Pivotal Team

Pivotal® is excited to announce the launch of Pivotal Greenplum® 5, the first open source-based data platform built to run advanced analytics on-premises or in the public cloud. Greenplum empowers enterprise customers to run machine learning, graph, text, geospatial analytics, as well traditional business intelligence (BI) workloads on any cloud—certified and available on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), VMware vSphere, and OpenStack.

Enterprises can capitalize on data in new ways due to the dramatic increase in data volume and velocity. However, the traditional data warehousing market has not kept up—most vendors still offer complex, inflexible, and expensive proprietary data warehouses on-premises, or unproven and specialized “new analytics” offerings, or solutions capable of only running on one public cloud.

Pivotal now works with over half of the Fortune 500, and a rapidly growing portion of the Fortune 2000. We’ve learned that our customers want three things in a modern data platform:

  1. Based on open source technology. Prevents vendor lock-in and tap into broader communities.

  2. Advanced analytics. Runs traditional workloads, and more importantly machine learning, graph, text, geospatial analytics to provide data science teams the ability to rapidly respond to emerging business opportunities and challenges.

  3. Multi-cloud. Freedom to select the best public or private cloud for each project and/or workload based on ease of use, performance, and total cost of ownership. Most importantly, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies require disaster recovery capabilities that a multi-cloud solution enables.


Momentum for Pivotal Greenplum 5 Led by Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud

Pivotal Greenplum is one of Pivotal’s flagship software products—alongside Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), Pivotal Container Service (PKS), Pivotal Gemfire, and Pivotal Tracker. Pivotal’s veteran experts in database technology took on the challenge of reinventing the data platform, specifically designed to perform advanced analytics to run on any cloud.

“Pivotal Greenplum 5 represents an incredible step forward,” says Elisabeth Hendrickson, VP of Data R&D at Pivotal. “In 2015 we open sourced the core of Pivotal Greenplum as the Greenplum Database project. This is our first Pivotal Greenplum distribution based entirely on the open source project. With this release, we’re leveraging even more from Greenplum's Postgres heritage. That, plus the advanced analytics capabilities we’ve added, make Pivotal Greenplum one of world’s most powerful data analytics platforms capable of running on any cloud.”

Moreover, as data storage costs continue to drop, cloud infrastructure providers are increasingly differentiating themselves by offering customers the ability to store vast amounts of data in “data lakes”—including both structured and unstructured data. As a result, two of the world’s largest cloud infrastructure providers have integrated the open source Greenplum technology into their clouds—Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud.

“Alibaba Cloud has released a database service based on open source Greenplum Database for three reasons: (1) Pivotal continues to invest in Greenplum, which is now 10 years old, and database technology needs over 10 years to be considered stable, (2) Greenplum has full SQL support, and (3) Greenplum has a great community and customers continue to ask for Greenplum services on Alibaba Cloud,” says Yu Feng, Head of Data R&D for Alibaba Cloud.

“Greenplum and its Apache open source machine learning library MADLib has a large user base in China. With Greenplum services on Tencent cloud, developers in China can rapidly build modern, cloud-based AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications,” say Long Wang, VP of Tencent Cloud.

In coming months, stay tuned for more from Pivotal as we continue to build new data service capabilities into our Pivotal Cloud Foundry ecosystem.

Learn more about Pivotal Greenplum 5 here.


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