Pivotal Makes Kubernetes Easier for Developers and Operators

July 16, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, July 16, 2019—Pivotal Software, Inc. (NYSE: PVTL), a leading cloud-native platform provider, today introduced the alpha version of Pivotal Application Service on Kubernetes®, as well as new products based on PAS features that improve the developer and operator experience when using Kubernetes. 

Kubernetes is becoming an increasingly ubiquitous part of the cloud infrastructure. But many organizations are struggling to bring it into production because it’s so complex. Pivotal, and our partners at VMware, have helped to solve this problem with the Pivotal Container Service® (PKS), which enables small teams of operators to manage numerous Kubernetes clusters at scale. Pivotal is now bringing its years of expertise gained building Cloud Foundry® to make it easier for developers to deploy and run software on Kubernetes. The alpha version of PAS on Kubernetes brings the popular “cf push” experience to Kubernetes, making it easier for developers to focus on code, and lets the platform stitch together the required components for software deployment, networking, monitoring, and logging.

“Today’s announcements have been a long time in the making, and are the natural next step in our platform’s evolution. We helped start the Kubo open-source project in 2017, and launched the Pivotal Container Service with VMware last year, which is already being used by over 140 organizations,” said Rob Mee, CEO of Pivotal. “This announcement marks the next leap forward of our platform’s capabilities, and will help organizations achieve meaningful business outcomes on top of Kubernetes.” 

Pivotal also introduced new products for Kubernetes based on PAS features. In May, the company introduced the first two products: general availability of Pivotal Spring Runtime®, and the alpha version of Pivotal Ingress Router. Today, Pivotal introduced the alpha version of the third product—Pivotal Build Service—and announced that the alpha version of RabbitMQ® on Kubernetes will be available soon. 


Products Summary: 

  • Build Service: It provides automation for developers to easily create container images while providing enterprises the audit and security controls necessary to run with confidence at scale. It’s powered by the CNCF Cloud-Native Buildpacks project co-developed by Pivotal.

  • RabbitMQ on Kubernetes: It automates deployment and ongoing operations of RabbitMQ, with a self-service and configurability experience available for developers.

  • Ingress Router: It automates setup and configuration of Istio, enabling developers to get apps deployed to production quickly and securely. 

  • Spring Runtime: It offers comprehensive support for Java environments—including OpenJDK™, Spring Support, and Apache Tomcat®.


The alpha version of PAS on Kubernetes, and the new products based on PAS features will expand Pivotal’s market opportunity, simplify the company’s sales process, and make it easier for organizations to get started with Pivotal. For example, SANTALUCÍA—a leading Spanish insurance firm established over 95 years ago—recently became a new Pivotal customer using Spring Runtime.  

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Supporting Quotes

“At Intrado, we pride ourselves on having high-velocity developer teams. While Kubernetes is becoming increasingly prevalent in the cloud, due to its complexity, it's challenging to maintain that speed to production on Kubernetes," said Thomas Squeo, Chief Technology Officer at Intrado. "I'm excited that Pivotal is now bringing its years of expertise gained building developer-centric platform to Kubernetes, making it simpler for my team to focus on pushing code to production." 

“AirFrance-KLM Group was an early adopter of Docker, and then Kubernetes,” said Thierry Morcq, IT program director and chief technical architect, Group CIO Office, AirFrance-KLM Group. “With the implementation of Pivotal Cloud Foundry, we are empowered to fully leverage the development platform, which allows any developer at any level to benefit from container technology. We are very delighted that Pivotal is now integrating the Pivotal Application Service and the Pivotal Container Service in one platform because it will help us to achieve even more operational efficiencies with thousands of containers.”

“Kubernetes is a runaway train right now, and organizations are struggling to keep deployments and management on track. They want to standardize processes, tools, and people, but face a fragmented, complex, and rapidly changing environment,” said James Governor, co-founder of RedMonk. “Pivotal has a history of standardizing and documenting cloud-native tools and methods, and is now applying that experience to Kubernetes and associated technology—like Istio. It is finessing the industry shift to Kubernetes by taking management features from the Pivotal Application Service, and re-applying them.”

“Kubernetes is a powerful platform, but it has lacked a fully managed PaaS experience. Pivotal’s development and community investments will improve the developer experience for enterprises building applications on Kubernetes,” said Raghu Raghuram, chief operating officer, Products and Cloud Services, VMware. “Embracing Kubernetes strengthens Pivotal’s ability to help complex organizations modernize their application development practices.”


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