This Month in Spring - March 2021

March 31, 2021 Josh Long

Hi, Spring fans! Look, I know it's only been a month since we last spoke, but it feels like a decade! What a quantum leap forward this new Spring Native stuff is. Have you seen it? It supports converting Spring Boot applications into GraalVM native images. GraalVM native images are a great way to improve start up (take your application from 1 or 1.5 seconds down to 50 milliseconds (or, 0.050s)), and if that's what you care about, then you're well served here. To me, however, the most valuable implication of GraalVM native images is that the resulting binary takes much less memory at runtime. MUCH less. I've had applications that fit in 256MB of RAM take up 25MB of RAM after conversion. That's a 10x difference! And we're just getting started - there are further optimizations underway, and we'll be debuting those soon.

Spring Native isn't done. It's still experimental. It's still growing. There's work to be done, and not every application will work out of the box. But the list of supported workloads improves daily! The amazing Andy Clement and I presented on Spring Native and GraalVM at JRush last week. If you watch one thing this week, let it be that.

And then, once you're done with that, well of course there's a lot of other great stuff to get into this month so let's!

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