This Month in Spring - July 2021

July 23, 2021 Josh Long
turtle power! I met this turtle in the oceans of Maui

Aloha, my friends, from Hawai'i, where I'm currently on vacation! Because I'm on vacation, I'll cut to the chase: there's a lot of great stuff to get to this month (surprise!). But first, did you see the friendly turtle in the photo? I don't know what the turtle's name is, but it sure seems friendly.

I am, meanwhile, blown away that we're already staring down August 2021! This year seems to be racing by! (Especially compared to 2020!)

Did you see the latest installment of SpringOne Tour? If not, get on it! In this July 2021 installment of SpringOne Tour, join Cora Iberkleid, Madhura Bhave, Bella Bai, Olga Maciaszek-Sharma, Whitney Lee, Nate Schutta and me for a look at the wide and wonderful world of testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery for Kubernetes-ready, Cloud Native Spring Boot applications.

Now then, where were we? Oh right! We've got a ton of good stuff to get to this last month so let's dive right in!

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Josh Long (@starbuxman) is a Spring Developer Advocate at VMware. Josh is a Java Champion, a Google Developer Expert for Kotlin, author of six books (including O'Reilly's "Cloud Native Java: Designing Resilient Systems with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry") and the just released "Reactive Spring" (, six best-selling Livelessons video trainings (including "Building Microservices with Spring Boot Livelessons" with Phil Webb and "Spring Security Livelessons" with Rob Winch, and "Cloud Foundry Livelessons" with Josh McKenty), and an open-source contributor (Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Spring Cloud, Activiti and Vaadin). Josh also has a podcast, "A Bootiful Podcast," and does a series of screencasts, "Spring Tips", on YouTube ( Josh routinely blogs on the Spring blog (

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