This Month in Spring - 2/22

February 23, 2022 Josh Long

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another jam-packed installment of This Month in Spring

Too Many Twos!

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it's also been one of the most eventful recent months. First, it is 22/2/22 as I write this. I managed even to get the latest installment of This Week in Spring, the blog whose contents this monthly post digests, out at 22/2/22 at 22:22 PDT, exactly. So satisfying, numerologically speaking!

Lunar New Year

Recently, we wrapped up the Lunar New Year celebration. The Lunar New Year (or Chinese New Year, as it's often called) is a two-week-long festival. You kick the whole thing off with a reunion dinner the night before the new year. There are checkpoint celebrations at various points. For me, the chance to reunite with friends and family around a meal table so quickly after the Christmas holidays is a real treat. (Though it isn't doing my about-to-bust belt any favors!)

Here in San Francisco, which is 40% Asian, and 20% Chinese specifically, we take Lunar New Year very seriously, following the celebration with a giant parade. So it was a real privilege to see the parade had returned.

SpringOne 2022

Another exciting point in the last month: we announced that our annual tentpole conference, SpringOne, would return to being an in-person conference in 2022! We'll be running the show in December 2022, in San Francisco, CA! Register now, and we'll see you there!


We - myself and fellow Java Champions - also posthumously made former Project Reactor lead Stéphane Maldini a Java Champion. Stéphane was the best of us. He was smart. (He's named in a patent!) He was ingenious and prolific. He helped cofound the reactive streams specification, too. And of course, if you're using Project Reactor, you're benefitting from his generous genius. He was kind and courageous. He lived in France, the UK, and the United States for many years each.

Unfortunately, he passed away right after Thanksgiving, 2021. We'll always miss him, but I'm glad his name endures in our hearts, aspirations, and production-worthy systems.

RIP, Stéphane.

Anybody who knows me knows that I live for and love well-written code such as Stéphane's. This month I continue my search for knowledge, to be more like Stéphane, and found a lot of good stuff. 

About the Author

Josh Long (@starbuxman) is a Spring Developer Advocate at VMware. Josh is a Java Champion, a Google Developer Expert for Kotlin, author of six books (including O'Reilly's "Cloud Native Java: Designing Resilient Systems with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry") and the just released "Reactive Spring" (, six best-selling Livelessons video trainings (including "Building Microservices with Spring Boot Livelessons" with Phil Webb and "Spring Security Livelessons" with Rob Winch, and "Cloud Foundry Livelessons" with Josh McKenty), and an open-source contributor (Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Spring Cloud, Activiti and Vaadin). Josh also has a podcast, "A Bootiful Podcast," and does a series of screencasts, "Spring Tips", on YouTube ( Josh routinely blogs on the Spring blog (

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