Learn How to Configure and Leverage Kubernetes Cloud Providers at KubeAcademy

Marissa Bosché

We’re excited to announce a new KubeAcademy course—Integrating with Cloud Providers. Aimed at anyone who wants to tie their cloud infrastructure capabilities to their containerized applications, the course demonstrates how to use a Kubernetes cloud provider to interact with underlying infrastructure components, such as storage devices and load balancers.

What you’ll learn in the course 

The Integrating with Cloud Providers course consists of six lessons, totaling just under 40 minutes of material. Here’s a preview of what each lesson covers.

1. Introduction to Cloud Providers

Why you might want to use a cloud provider and what capabilities they provide.

2. Setting up the vSphere Cloud Provider 

How to set up the Kubernetes cloud provider on vSphere infrastructure.

3. Leveraging the vSphere Cloud Provider

How to use vSphere storage with Kubernetes persistent volumes, and how to use a zone-aware cluster for higher availability.

4. Setting up the AWS Cloud Provider

How to set up the AWS cloud provider with your Kubernetes cluster so that you can take advantage of AWS infrastructure such as Elastic Block Storage (EBS) devices and Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs).

5. Leveraging the AWS Cloud Provider

How to use a properly configured AWS cloud provider with your Kubernetes cluster, including Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs) for ingress access and Elastic Block Storage (EBS)-backed persistent volumes.

6. The Top Takeaways from the Course

Review and summarize what you’ve learned in the Integrating with Cloud Providers course.

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