Application Modernization vExperts at VMworld 2021

The Application Modernization vExpert community has been busy submitting sessions for VMworld 2021. Check out the many great sessions that have been accepted below, and start adding them to your favorites on today!

App Modernization Track

APP1670 – Deep-Dive Tutorial on How To Do DevSecOps with VMware Tanzu Advanced by Keith Lee (@KeithRichardLee)

APP1718 – A Guide to vSphere with VMware Tanzu: Day 2 Operations for the VI Admin by Dean Lewis (@saintdle) and Simon Conyard

APP1586 – An End-to-End Demo of Day 0 to Day 2 VMware Tanzu Management with vRealize by Sam McGeown (@sammcgeown)

APP1842 – Adopting DevOps Practices for vSphere Admins by Sam McGeown (@sammcgeown)

APP1589 – Kubernetes Monitoring Starting from Day 0 by Sam McGeown (@sammcgeown)

APP1187 – Manage Kubernetes Across Multiple Clouds by Keith Lee (@KeithRichardLee)

Multi-Cloud Track

MCL1257 – Cloud Native Fundamentals: Containers and Kubernetes 101 for the VI Admin by Alexander Ullah (@Alec1823)

MCL2290 – App Modernization Deep Dive with VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Tanzu by William Lam (@lamw)

Security Track

SEC1021 – The Future of Security in Cloud Native Architecture by Oren Penso (@openso)

VMware {code}

CODE2805 – Pipelining Tanzu Kubernetes Grid by Sam McGeown (@sammcgeown) and Dean Lewis (@saintdle)

CODE2809 – Integrating Backup Into Your GitOps CI/CD Pipeline by Michael Cade (@MichaelCade1) 

CODE2780 – The State of the TKG Art by Robert Kloosterhuis (@Thefluffysysop)

CODE2773 – VEBA Revolutions - Unleashing the Power of Event-Driven Automation by William Lam (@lamw)

Meet the Expert

APP2436 – Tanzu Kubernetes Grid by Eric Shanks (@eric_shanks)

APP1416 – Everything You Need to Know About Tanzu Mission Control by Keith Lee (@KeithRichardLee)

APP1378 – Open Source Appliances in Production: Day 2 Ops with VMware by Robert Guske (@vmw_rguske)

VI2622 – Unleashing the Power of Event-Driven Automation by William Lam (@lamw)


While not focused on application modernization, the Application Modernization vExperts have also had the following sessions accepted by VMworld:

IC2254 – From Customer, to Partner, to VMware - I Did It and You Can Too by Michael Fleisher (@michaelfleisher)

NET1109 – VMware SD-WAN: Real Live from the Field by Marc Huppert (@MarcHuppert)

MCL1997 – Licensing Oracle and SQL Server on the VMware Hybrid Cloud by Allan Hirt (@SQLHA)

CODE2756 – Build and Publish a PowerShell Module to the PowerShell Gallery by David Stamen (@davidstamen)

CODE2806 – Automating HCX Migrations by Dean Lewis (@saintdle

MCL1594 – 5 Key Elements of an Effective Multi-Cloud Platform for Data and Analytics by Patryk Wolsza (@gaiant_nicko)

EUS1289 – VDI Nerdfest 2021: Demos That Make Admins Drool by Johan Van Amersfoort (@vhojan)

EUS3107 – Nerd Tours: A Tech Deep Dive of the VDI Nerdfest 2021 Extravaganza by Johan Van Amersfoort (@vhojan)  

EUS1834 – Blasting Your Way Into the Extreme with VMware Horizon by Johan Van Amersfoort (@vhojan) 

EUS1961 – Multi-Cloud VDI Beyond the Reference Architecture: Field-Tested Practices by Johan Van Amersfoort (@vhojan)

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