Running the platform at The Home Depot, with Tony McCulley

June 20, 2019 Michael Coté

The platform team at The Home Depot has many years of experience running Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Returning guest Tony McCully tells us how it's being used and managed now, plus some compliance automation and process tuning the team has been working on. We also discuss how the team is thinking about using kubernetes. Also, egg salad, carrots, and mustard.

Topic selections:

  • Mustard and carrots.

  • Chief product officer.

  • Instead of building a container, fix two day shipping.

  • Software isn't a factory line, it's a spaghetti network.

  • OKRs, SOX, and hammers.

  • Compliance is a good example of the network thing in action.

  • The challenge of a hybrid cloud business case.

  • LinkedIn Absurdism.

  • Coté's 5th career in condiment marketeering.

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Michael Coté

Coté works on the advocate team for Pivotal Cloud Foundry®. See @cote for more.

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