AutoZone and the Road to Cloud Native

October 9, 2019

Abstract: AutoZone is the largest automotive aftermarket retailer in the United States. Founded in 1979, AutoZone has over 6,000 stores in the US, Mexico, and Brazil. At AutoZone, customer satisfaction is part of our DNA. To serve our customers, we require applications that are reliable, secure, and performant. In the past, we designed software in line with our on-premise infrastructure and processes, but found it difficult to deliver software fast enough to meet the demands of the business. In order to grow the business, we have to deliver on new ideas quickly and test them as pilots. As a first step towards our hybrid cloud journey, we started with Pivotal Platform in our on-premise environment to deploy our greenfield, cloud-native applications. Within a few months, we could see real benefits. Developer efficiency and job satisfaction has improved and we could release more features more quickly with fewer headaches. Learn more: Session Title: AutoZone and the Road to Cloud-Native Speaker: Daniel Church, Product Manager, platformOps & Customer Satisfaction, AutoZone; Alex Wang, Systems Engineer, platformOps & Customer Satisfaction, AutoZone; Kevin Ponds, AutoZone Filmed at SpringOne Platform 2019 Slideshare Link:

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