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Knative Fundamentals

April 9, 2020

Selections from Knative in Action by Jacques Chester

Take the pain out of managing serverless applications. Knative, a collection of Kubernetes extensions curated by Google, simplifies building and running serverless systems. Knative in Action guides you through the Knative toolkit, showing you how to launch, modify, and monitor event-based apps built using cloud-hosted functions like AWS Lambda. You’ll learn how to use Knative Serving to develop software that is easily deployed and autoscaled, how to use Knative Eventing to wire together disparate systems into a consistent whole, and how to integrate Knative into your shipping pipeline.

Download to read the following three select chapters:

  • Introduction to Knative
  • Introduction to Knative Serving
  • Configurations and Revisions

Read Knative in Action chapters as they are written, get the finished eBook as soon as it’s ready, and receive the pBook long before it's in bookstores by signing up for the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) for this book. 

About the Author

Jacques Chester is an engineer at VMware, via the Pivotal acquisition. He has worked in R&D since 2015, contributing to several projects, including Knative. Before R&D, Jacques worked for Pivotal Labs as a consulting software engineer.

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