Jul 6 - (EMEA) Achieving DevSecOps Outcomes with Tanzu Advanced

Many organizations struggle with delivering enterprise applications faster, while simultaneously reducing risk.

This virtual event will help you understand why enterprises choose VMware Tanzu as the trusted and attestable modern application platform.

You'll learn how Tanzu can help you develop, build and deliver modern applications with speed and security in mind—and simplify and secure their operation. The event will also include a live end-to-end demonstration of these capabilities from the perspective of developers, InfoSec analysts, and IT operators.

Here’s what we’ll explore during this two-hour, live virtual event:

  • The ways in which Tanzu products utilize containers, Cloud Native Buildpacks, and digital attestation to manage trust from the beginning to the end of each release cycle
  • How a cloud native software platform, combined with the Spring Java and Steeltoe.NET development frameworks, injects good security practices into software development
  • How delivery pipelines can validate, trust, and manage the risk of added software and generated applications and containers
  • The power of the Harbor registry as a DevSecOps checkpoint prior to release to an infrastructure environment
  • The advantages of a Kubernetes operations environment (including a global management console), a software defined network, and a cloud native software platform on secure operations
  • The visibility and insight VMware products bring to secure operations

A basic understanding of modern application development processes, including containers and Kubernetes.

6 July 2021 | 9:30 GMT / 10:30 CET
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