Pivotal Overview

March 20, 2018

The way the future gets built. The future is being built on Pivotal. The world’s best companies adopt our cloud-native platform, advanced tools, and software development methodology to deliver exceptional user experiences. The results are transformational. Around the globe, organizations are unleashing developer productivity, reducing operational costs, and building an environment for innovation to scale.

Delighting Users
As enterprises increasingly rely on software to engage customers, innovation and speed become core to delivering value. Developers build better software with Pivotal. The reason is simple: our platform and methodology are optimized for modern software development. That’s why admired global brands spanning industries, including automotive,  financial services, industrial, media, retail, government, technology, and telecommunications choose Pivotal for digital transformation.

Building Software that Matters
Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is the proven solution for companies seeking software-led digital transformation. Our single platform for the continuous delivery of any app to every cloud empowers your developers to be more productive and your operators to be more efficient—accelerating feature delivery and enabling deployment across clouds without downtime. PCF minimizes risk with comprehensive security and high availability. Together our platform and tools help developers rapidly plan, build, integrate, deploy, run and iterate on code, so companies can delight customers.

Designing for Change
Pivotal helps establish lasting change by working alongside teams with modern methodology, technology, and design—all toward focusing businesses on a culture of outcomes. We support building for change using PCF along with Pivotal Labs, our strategic services offering, to adopt next-generation development practices, deliver new applications, and update existing ones. We pair, then step back, to ensure your team has the confidence and skills to take your transformation journey forward.

Modernizing for Continuous Improvement
The Pivotal way is about getting new software in front of users as efficiently as possible, maximizing the feedback process so teams can continuously improve. Teams accelerate feedback loops with internal as well as external participation and the tight coupling of stakeholder involvement. We help companies gauge user responses, focus development resources, address high-priority needs, and adapt as rapidly and securely as today's business environment changes. We recognize the faster teams ship software to customers—the faster they learn what matters to them.

Why Pivotal
Our commitment to open source is unwavering as creators and a founding member of Cloud Foundry, as well as a founding member of the Open Data Platform Initiative. Our global team of top developers, engineers, consultants, advocates, and professionals empowers your team to deliver great software.

Culture of Innovation
Our products and services energize organizations and increase productivity, so you no longer waste valuable development resources and time on non-critical e orts.

Focused Improvement
Our highest priority is a secure, robust platform for iterative development, so you can move fast, securely, and without burdensome updates.

Empowered Productivity
Our goal is to help evolve your organization into a true technology leader, so we introduce you to exciting, potentially radical ways of getting things done.

Collaborative Community
Our approach improves productivity by an order of magnitude—by making sure the right thing is built, helping to ensure companies that know how to build software will eat the world.

Pivotal Around the Globe
Our culture is contagious. We promote a community of inclusion, mixing transformational with traditional mindsets to push the boundaries of human behavior and how business gets done. We operate globally—from within our San Francisco headquarters and nearly two dozen o ces worldwide—plus partner with 130+ technology and consulting organizations.

RabbitMQ for Pivotal Platform
RabbitMQ for Pivotal Platform

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