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The Total Economic Impact Of VMware Tanzu Application Service

Happy developers are productive developers 

VMware Tanzu commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study that examines the potential return on investment of VMware Tanzu Application Service, including both quantifiable and qualifiable results. 

Based on customer interviews, Forrester calculated the ROI of VMware Tanzu Application Service to be 142%. The study found that with VMware Tanzu Application Service developers were able to deliver revenue-generating applications two weeks sooner, resulting in an additional $6.2 million over a three year period. Study participants reported that with VMware Tanzu Application Service, developers spent less time building and debugging application environments, a decrease in downtime of business critical applications (leading to more than $5.4 million in savings over three years), and a 75% reduction in time spent on deploying security patches. 

Interviewed customers also found lower attrition rates among developers, which they attribute to the platforms improved developer experience. Read the study in its entirety by filling out the form below.

Watch VMware's Dormain Drewitz, Forrester's Sarah Musto, and Smarsh's Kyle Campos in the webinar: Prod or it Didn’t Happen: The Value of Getting Code Into Production.

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