Rapidly Transform Legacy .NET Applications to Cloud Foundry - Alfus Inigo Jaganathan

April 27, 2018

Rapidly Transform Legacy .NET Applications to Cloud Foundry - Alfus Inigo Jaganathan & Poornima Varadhan, Cognizant Abstract Legacy .Net applications adhere to different patterns from modern applications. Decomposing those to 12 factor environment is time consuming, error prone and often manual. In this talk we will demonstrate strategies, frameworks, libraries, tools and techniques applied to rapidly transform/re-platform these applications with the most relevant 12/15 factors. Description Creating 12 factor applications can be done in 2 ways that is green field development; or transformation of legacy applications (transforming larger Monoliths to Micro services Vs rewrite application with modernized architecture). The latter is prone to more challenges because of presence of legacy patterns that are considered as anti-patterns with today’s technology advancements. Elaborating more on how to go about dealing with legacy transformations; the first and foremost simple step is to size the application. Classifying them as small, medium, large and x-large (anything beyond large) will help in determining the category / degree of transformation required. X-large applications are not recommended for replatforming. Factors like number of lines of code, complexity, interfaces etc. will help with determining the sizing. Leveraging the existing tools and techniques created by pivotal, such as OKR, Event Storming, Boris, Snap, etc. will help to modernize larger monoliths (Reference SP1 2017) in converting them to micro-services based architecture with a mixture of relevant patterns. Likewise for the re-platforming of the application, leveraging Snap tool/technique helps with the detailed analysis of the application for performing lift & shift. The rest of the talk will cover our experience with several application transformation that includes batch processing applications, ASP.Net web, UI and Web service applications which are bounded by the size / complexity factors. This will be supported with code snippets and demos as relevant. About Alfus Inigo Jaganathan More than 12 years of development experience currently working as a Solution architect predominantly on Microsoft Technologies, focusing on Cloud Foundry based PaaS, .Net Core, .Net, Web API, MVC, WCF and Relational database systems. Extensive experience in transforming monolithic .Net applications to 12 factor applications/re-platforming targeting PCF with .Net Core/.Net. Written variety of technical papers, cook books and recipes resulting as key material for technology stack decisions, design solutions, etc. together with multiple training sessions on XP, TDD, 12 factors within the organization. Worked on multiple critical MVPs, partnering with Pivotal team right from discovery, scoping, design , solutioning and delivery of multiple MVPs, across the organization for various clients. Conducted multiple presentations especially on cloud based solutions. Owner of open source ORM framework (Yc.Sql.Entity.Data.Core.Framework) in Nuget About Poornima Varadhan Overall 16 years of industry experience working with Large Global insurance players .I have done various consulting, venture , advisory, product management and transformational program delivery roles across most of the Global markets (in specific NA & Asia Pacific) . Currently as a Global Engagement Lead I support Change the business and Digital transformation objectives for a Fortune 100 P&C insurer that also includes partnering to strategize and deliver cloud transformation .Have an extensive speaking experience (not public speaking ) in CxO forum , various segments of clients & cross section of people in my organization in sharing experience related to IT and business transformation.

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