T-Mobile’s Same-Day Test, Deploy, and Production Transformation

December 14, 2017 Steve Casale

On the day of an iPhone release, the order demand can be crushing. T-Mobile was ready. Learn why.

T-Mobile’s Brendan Aye, and James Webb, Cloud Foundry Platform Architect, and Principal Engineer for PaaS and IaaS, respectively, worked at the core of middleware complexity for one of the largest wireless carriers in North America. They landed a unique opportunity when senior leaders backed a proof of concept for Pivotal Cloud Foundry on a handful of customer production runs. That opened a path to automation, microservices, and unprecedented time-to-market and developer productivity. Where Apple, Sprint, and AT&T hit downtime walls during recent iPhone launches, T-Mobile was 100% available, tested, and ready.

“We’re not eliminating a job, we’re eliminating job functions… We’ve been able to transition historical ops roles into automated jobs across platforms, where operators can be redeployed to creating pipelines, °automated test suites, and getting better metrics — the team at T-Mobile is upskilling, no longer waking up at 2 in the morning to fix stuff.”
— Brendan Aye

Watch two seasoned operators recount how they recast a seven-month, 72-step coding march into a process and culture where operators enable developers to test, deploy, and send new apps to production in the same day. They cover maintaining velocity after addressing low hanging fruit, by scaling up around the platform; plans to explore PCF 2.0; and a consistent effort to educate and align stakeholders around doing the right thing.

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