Lessons in Agile: Six Months at Pivotal

January 10, 2017 Maryam Labib

A conglomeration of Pivotal process life hacks for all your newbie needs.

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Pivotal is making 40+ products on 40+ teams

Pairing is life skills 101

Embrace feedback

Being kind goes a long way

You spend enough time being someone’s pair that it’s worth being a really great one.

Pick up the stories you’re curious about, but with people who know it

Honor (most) conventions

Keyboard shortcuts

TDDing will be your greatest safety net

Play to your team’s strengths

A great developer has good judgment about which tool gets the job done best.

Fly solo

Be a backseat driver

Just ask

A Conversation About Product
A Conversation About Product

Product Owner — Product Manager

5 Observations From Adopting Agile
5 Observations From Adopting Agile

What We Learned at Pivotal Greenplum