DevOps in 2018—Opportunities and Challenges, Forrester

December 7, 2017 Steve Casale

Hear from Forrester Principal Analyst Robert Stroud and his thoughts on DevOps at SpringOne Platform 2017.

Forrester Principal Analyst Robert Stroud takes a seat with Built to Adapt at SpringOne Platform in a wide-ranging discussion on the state of DevOps in business. While Stroud notes that roughly 70% of app developers are doing agile, and 70% of operators are doing waterfall, but he observes a real change taking place in DevOps. Companies that just 15 months ago asked what DevOps was, are now asking questions about how to choose tooling.

SRE is often talked about rarely implemented, it’s one of the big business opportunities in 2018 for DevOps.”
— Robert Stroud

Stroud touches on the practices of automating processes, finding the balance between DevOps teams and compliance, treating failure as an opportunity to learn, and ultimately how developers and operators can work together to deliver what an organization needs.

Built to Adapt is at SpringOne Platform 2017 to talk to the people leading the world’s largest technological transformations — from challenges to trends, and insights to anecdotes. If you work in technology at any level, you’re going to want to hear from these innovators. Talks are hosted by Jeff Kelly and Ciara Byrne, journalists for Built to Adapt.

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