The Power of a Modern Database: YugabyteDB and VMware Tanzu

April 19, 2022

Neeharika Palaka and Michael Haag co-wrote this post.

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As companies around the world and across industries engage in app modernization initiatives, their developers find it increasingly difficult to match those efforts with a strong data layer. Developers today continue to work with costly monolithic databases like Oracle or DB2 and NoSQL databases that forgo strong data consistency and important relational features. It’s clear that a modern database is required to match the ambition of app modernization efforts. 

That’s where the Yugabyte and VMware Tanzu story comes in. Together, these two great offerings complement each other and help organizations adopt a modern approach to building, running, and managing their modern workloads. Read on to learn more about our partnership, and then be sure to register for our upcoming webinar to get the full story and see the products in action together!

YugabyteDB: Distributed database for cloud native apps

As an open source distributed SQL database, YugabyteDB was developed by industry veterans to eliminate the shortcomings of legacy databases by combining the consistency and performance of SQL with the horizontal scalability and native resiliency of NoSQL. Fortune 500 companies such as Wells Fargo, Kroger, and General Motors have already adopted YugabyteDB to modernize their data layers. YugabyteDB has helped them accelerate productivity by simplifying the lives of their developers, lowering costs by eliminating expensive legacy solutions, and reducing risks by building a resilient, secure business that is free from vendor and cloud lock-in.

YugabyteDB is a 100 percent open source, hybrid, multi-cloud, distributed SQL database built for mission-critical transactional applications. Users have their choice of using it as-is, as a simple, fully managed database as a service (DBaaS) in their cloud of choice, or deploying a self-managed DBaaS on any hybrid, public, or private cloud with YugabyteDB Anywhere. 

About VMware Tanzu

With the VMware Tanzu portfolio of products, VMware enables customers to make the most of modern applications on any cloud. The Tanzu portfolio provides the foundation of a modern application platform that drives scale across multi-cloud and Kubernetes operations—with the right levels of connectivity, governance, observability, and automation.

VMware Tanzu enables customers’ software supply chain to be more secure—all the way from app development to having their apps running in production. Moreover, the portfolio offers a cohesive developer experience across any Kubernetes to speed application development and delivery cycles. It’s all about modern apps—powered by VMware Tanzu.

How we work together

With YugabyteDB and VMware Tanzu, cloud native developers can build and modernize mission-critical transactional applications that require scale, performance, consistency, and resilience. That’s what makes the distributed, developer-friendly YugabyteDB product a perfect complement to your VMware Tanzu-powered app modernization efforts. 


By utilizing VMware Tanzu with YugabyteDB, developers can pair up a modern database with their app modernization efforts—unlocking end-to-end scalability, performance, and resiliency from their application to the data layer down to their cloud of choice. 

Spring is a Java development framework that’s used by millions of developers around the world to build their applications. VMware Tanzu Application Platform, a recent offering from Tanzu, streamlines the path to production for developers by providing a modular, app-aware platform that runs on any compliant public cloud or on-premises Kubernetes cluster. For developers who build applications using Spring and Tanzu Application Platform, YugabyteDB provides the perfect transactional and distributed SQL database for their needs. For example, YugabyteDB can directly enhance Spring capabilities around transaction management, especially in geo-distributed scenarios.

For developers working on VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid or on vSphere with Tanzu distributions, a common requirement is an online transaction processing (OLTP) database that enables the processing of data associated with simultaneous and concurrent transactions. With YugabyteDB, developers have access to a cloud native OLTP database that can seamlessly deploy directly on Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. And by using the front end of Postgres as our front end, any developer familiar with Postgres can be productive on Day 1. 

Just like Tanzu, YugabyteDB also delivers choices. Users have the freedom to deploy YugabyteDB across any cloud—public, private, or hybrid. And finally, YugabyteDB is a proven solution that runs demanding, enterprise-class workloads at some of the world’s largest companies, such as Walmart, Kroger, and Schwab. Organizations can reduce their overall risk with a reliable, highly-available solution while enjoying the benefits of open source software and built-in security. 

Use cases

The combined benefits of the YugabyteDB and VMware Tanzu solution are applicable across a wide range of use cases and verticals. Along with general initiatives around application and database modernization, three key use cases are an ideal fit for the joint solution: 

  • Mission-critical microservices: YugabyteDB combined with Tanzu and Spring Data gives developers an easy way to deploy YugabyteDB with their applications. Examples of microservices that can leverage the joint solution include shopping carts, personalization engines, product catalogs, and account metadata. 

  • Edge and streaming applications: Smart cities, connected vehicles, industrial control systems, and on-site retail experiences are all examples of use cases that need a data layer that can scale to ingest massive volumes of data and offer low-latency access to analytics and events.

  • Geo-distributed workloads: Enterprises are seeking to deploy globally distributed customer-facing applications in order to deliver always-on, highly responsive services that are resilient to zone and region failures. The public cloud outages we’ve seen over the past few months highlight why this is so important.

These use cases span different verticals and sizes of companies, from real-time payment for banking and financial services companies to vehicle telemetry information for logistics companies.

Next steps

If you’d like to learn more about how VMware Tanzu and Yugabyte can help you with your app modernization needs, be sure to register for our upcoming joint webinar, taking place on May 3, 2022, at 9 AM PT. 

If you’d like to get in touch, contact your VMware Tanzu sales representative or your Yugabyte sales representative.

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